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Zoe B.jpeg

Zoe Burke MS, APC

Masters: Degree in Counseling Psychology

Associate Professional Counselor

Focus: Adult

Best Supervisee Award from Della 2022

About Me

Zoe Burke received her Master’s degree from William Carey College in 2006. She has over 18 years experience working in a both community mental health setting and an inpatient psychiatric facility.  She has worked with individuals who have struggled with numerous challenges such as depression, anxiety, grief, low-self esteem, and conflict resolution.  She has also worked with survivors of domestic violence and trauma as a result of childhood abuse.  She believes the therapeutic relationship is essential and emphasizes the importance of building an environment of trust and safety. Her therapeutic approach utilizes a combination of methodologies allowing the individuals she works with to reach their fullest potential. Zoe is under supervision of Della Hightower.

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