Haley McCoy

Masters Level Intern

Focus:  Adolescents, Adults and Families 

Liz's Supervisee of the Year Award 2021

About Me

Haley earner her Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Gordon College in 2019. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health from Liberty University. Haley’s passion is walking with you through the twists and turns life throws at you. All while encouraging you to embrace your uniqueness and grow deeper in your understanding of self. She is a firm believer health and healing is a holistic journey which incorporates aspects of every section of our lives. She spent the last two years serving her community through a nonprofit providing support through life’s everyday bumps and through the hardships which come from crisis and trauma. Living and serving alongside those she was helping gave her a better understanding of how every aspect of our lives are interwoven. Haley loves ways of finding simple pleasure and creative outlets and hopes her experience as a farmer, artist, and florist encourages clients to find creativity and simple places of joy in their lives. She strives to grow a therapeutic relationship in an open, safe, and empathetic space. She is under the supervision of Cristina.


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