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rochelle Peet.jpg

Rochelle Peet

Masters Level Intern

Focus: Children and Families

Play Therapist in Training

Most Accomplished Award from Dr. Amanda Slaughter 2022

About Me

Rochelle currently holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Developmental Psychology from Liberty University and is currently in pursuit of a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health counseling from Liberty University. With a passion for helping others, and heart for children, Rochelle has focused on aiding and helping children and families through various roles. Once graduated, Rochelle looks forward to becoming a licensed mental health counselor who is equipped and prepared to help children and families overcome and heal from various hurts and traumas. To grow her professional toolbox, Rochelle looks forward to becoming a certified play therapist and will be working under the supervision of Dr. Amanda Slaughter.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

888-850-4891 ext 93

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