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Carson Shock

Masters Level Intern 

Lead Intern

Focus:  Adults & Couples

About Me

Carson is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Clinical and Mental Health
Counseling from Walden University. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Secondary
Education from Mississippi State University in 2013. She plans on pursuing her dream
of becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor upon graduating in May 2023.
Carson has been a missionary for the past six years and has traveled to over 30
countries. As a missionary, she discovered a passion for helping young people figure
out who they are and what they are doing with their lives. She has a passion for working
with families, couples, and individuals as they navigate spiritual formation, healing from
childhood wounds, family reconciliation, trauma, grief, and mental illnesses.
Carson desires to view clients through a holistic lens, including mind, body, soul, and
spirit, because they are closely tied together. Creativity is a passion of hers, so she
hopes to incorporate journaling and art therapy into her work with clients.
She is currently an intern for Family Counseling Associates of North Georgia and is
under the supervision of Cristina.

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