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Question: Are you looking for a way to manage your symptoms without harsh medication?


Question: Would you like to find out more information about how herbs can help a variety of issues?


Answer: How about scheduling a herbal wellness consultation?

An herbal wellness consultation is an in-depth assessment of your health. It integrates mental, physical, and spiritual health  and focuses on natural and herbal aids to support you and your family’s health.

Our herbalist will guide you through this process to discover your health goals and the type of support you need to achieve them. By thoroughly exploring your diet, personal history, and current lifestyle, she will make herbal and supplement recommendations specifically tailored to your needs.


Liana is a Registered Nurse and works with children age 6 and up, adolescents, adults and families.

She can help with the following:


* ADHD- Focus and Concentration

* Anxiety

* Depression

* Sleep

* Other specific issues that she will tailor to your need.

Contact Liana at or 888-850-4891 ext 30 to learn more and book your consultation at Family Counseling for North Georgia.