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We are a teaching facility and are looking for the

following positions to be filled:

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About us

Family Counseling Associates of North Georgia is a large private practice located in Cumming, GA. We are professional, supportive, rewarding and our goal is to provide high quality counseling to our clients. We are an "out of the box " creative facility. We have several opportunities for those who are a good fit for our environment.

Our work environment includes:

  • Modern office setting

  • Learning environment

  • Growth opportunities

  • Regular social events

  • On-the-job training

  • Lively atmosphere

  • Flexible working hours

Current Mental Health Counselor Openings:

ONLY Interns and Supervisors are we interviewing for at this time. Updated April 28, 2024

Intern Position Requirements:

  • Must have a Master’s degree in Counseling (unless applying for internship then must be in Masters Program), or related field of study for beginners. Those without a license yet are encouraged to apply as a Paid Intern or be licensed to practice by a state mental health counselor licensing board.

  • Must be able to fulfill job duties of writing progress notes, treatment plans all within 24 hours of seeing the client. We will teach you how to write them but it will be your responsibility to turn them in on time.

  • Be a team player and work well in a team setting. We are only looking for those who are customer oriented and want to serve others in the helping field.

  • Have a strong desire to work with diverse backgrounds and diverse populations.

  • Have a strong work ethic and love to help people.

  • Be creative and out of the box thinkers, our facility requires a creative mindset.

  • Must be detailed and organized with technology.

  • Must be a learner and want to work in a learning environment. We are looking for those who have a desire to make long lasting friendships and collaborate with others well.

  • Must be loyal to your clients and your work environment. We are looking for those who want to develop a long lasting reputation in the community.

  • We are looking for those who want to build their skill sets and talents in a warm, supportive and nurturing environment.

Position Assets:

  • We offer a flexible work schedule that you can determine within our peak hours of 2 pm to 8pm Monday through Friday. No weekends.

  • We match clients to your expertise so you will not need to find your own clients, we help you build the caseload you are looking for.

  • We offer onsite monthly training with a wide variety of topics to learn and grow from.

  • We offer onsite supervision with one of our Supervisors that would make the population that you are working with.

  • We offer onsite training in Play Therapy, Creative Expressive Therapies, and Sand Tray, Couples, Trauma and Family Counseling.

  • We offer a large family environment to get connected with and find colleagues for life!

  • We have a Mens Counseling Program, a Family Counseling Program, Testing Program and Parenting Program.

  • We offer internal certifications for those who want to specialize in certain areas.

  • We offer the opportunity to create and run groups for our clients.

We are specifically looking for those who are wanting longevity, reputation building and upward opportunities within an organization. If this is you, please apply! We are interviewing now for training in December and January 2024.

Job openings for Supervisors:

We are seeking a Licensed Mental Health Clinical Supervisor, LCSW, LPC, MFT to join our growing team!

For Supervisors: This position is a multifaceted position. We are a teaching facility and pride ourselves on growing up beginner Clinician's. We are looking for Supervisor's who have a calling and purpose to teach new Clinicians, want to carry their own caseload of clients and will conduct assessments for placements with Supervisee's. The position requires experience in the field, excellent communication skills, a strong team player and a great reputation in the industry. Preference will be given to those who are creative and outside of the box thinkers! There is flexibility to this position for scheduling and days onsite. We are looking for those who desire longevity in their career with lots of opportunity to learn and grow while thinking outside of the box!

We are a moderate sized private practice located in downtown Cumming Ga. Easy access to 400 North. Our location is about 5 minutes from 400 North. Our practice has been open since 2006. This position has a flexible schedule with a few exceptions, the preferred will work at least 3 days a week during the week. Monday through Friday openings

Contact us directly for more details

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