We are a teaching facility and are looking for the

following positions to be filled:

Please use the Contact form below or email Dr. Amanda Slaughter directly at admin@familycounseling4ng.com

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For beginner Clinicians:

Job Opening:  Interns: Need to be Master's Level in a Masters Degree currently.

Job Opening:  APC's, MSW. AAMFT's and those who need a site to get licensed but have graduated with a Masters Degree already.


We are seeking those who are about to graduate or just graduated with a Masters in Professional Counseling or the like.

We train those who are beginning in the field and need a license to practice counseling, We are looking for those who have excellent communication skills, a strong team player and want to learn and grow in the counseling industry. Preference will be given to those who are creative and outside of the box thinkers! There is flexibility to this position for scheduling and days onsite. We are looking for those who desire longevity in their career with lots of opportunity to learn and grow while thinking outside of the box! Associate level license are also encouraged to apply.

About us:

We are a moderate sized private practice located in downtown Cumming Ga. Easy access to 400 North. Our location is about 5 to 7 minutes from 400 North. Our practice has been open since 2006 and we serve approximately 500 clients a week. We have about 40 Clinicians on staff. Our office is non-traditional and creative in nature. We serve children, adolescents, adults, couples and families in a creative outside the box way through the use of Play Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy, Creative Expressive Therapy and many others! We pride ourselves on the use of creative modalities even with couples and families! We are a Christian Private Practice but we do not discriminate and deter against any discrimination of any type. Our motto is Love God Love People. We are a big team and communicate frequently and often! If you are looking for a dynamic and interactive, communicative and creative practice then we are for you! To learn more about us please visit us at www.familycounseling4ng.com


  • Carry a caseload that is flexible.

  • Provide therapy for clients from a clear orientation. We are open and think outside of the box!

  • Implement and review progress notes and treatment plans for self.

  • Collaborate with onsite Supervisor or assigned Supervisor is needed and other Clinicians on staff. We work as a team!

  • Ensure all documentation is completed in a timely manner for self.

  • Attend any training opportunities to learn and grow your craft.

  • Develop a specialty and grow that specialty.


  • Must be graduating with a Masters in Professional Counseling of some type or have already graduated.

  • Familiarity with counseling and applications of theory for counseling.

  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills.

  • Ability to build rapport with clients and staff.

  • Be a strong team player and have excellent counseling and customer skills.

  • Enjoy working with one or two of the populations listed: children, adolescents, couples, adults and families and have a strong desire to help them through their situation. We will find a specialty to focus on if it is not already determined.

  • Want to develop and maintain a strong reputation, we are complimented when we get referrals!

  • This position has a flexible schedule with a few exceptions, the preferred will work at least 3 days a week during the week. Monday through Friday openings.

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