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Samantha Williams MS

Paid Intern

APC Eligible

Masters: Masters of  Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Focus: Couples, Family, Adults & Adolescents

About Me

Hey, warm welcome and extremely proud of you for looking into therapy. I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. While the search for a therapist that meets your needs can sometimes be daunting, I’m excited you’re considering me to support you through your journey! As a therapist intern, I strive to create an environment of safe space where you can discover how you came to this place in your life, and harness that new understanding of your foundations in order to move forward and cope with - even shape - the world around you as you live. This is the path whether you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, life adjustments, trauma, sexual issues, or any other symptoms. Together we can explore the personal experiences that have formed unique connections and meanings for you, and how those impact your mood, behavior, and mental health. I take a clientcentered approach to therapy and believe that individuals should be a part of their own therapeutic journey. I utilize modalities from a relational approach, CBT, DBT, MIT. I empower you with support to overcome obstacles and improve your overall quality of life and relationships. I work with all kinds of demographics as a BIPOC intern. I am confident I can help you confront what you bring to session whether it presents as existential issues, relationship problems, childhood trauma, or depression. I am under supervision of Della Hightower M.DIV, LPC, CPCS.

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