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Laetitia Tokplo

Masters Level Intern 

Lead Intern

Focus: Adolescents & Adults

About Me

Laetitia Tokplo is a graduate student in the clinical mental health counseling program at Mercer
University. She is passionate about working with multicultural clients and an advocate for
holistic mental health including mind, body and spirit. Her recent experience working with
groups of survivors of the 1994 Genocide in Kigali, Rwanda greatly reinforced her belief in the
power of narrative. Laetitia believes every client has a unique story and is the product of multiple
realities. She is a proponent of individual counseling and also believes in the multiplier effect of
couples’counseling for building resilient families and communities. In addition to her
background in youth development and non-profit management, she is currently serving as
assistant facilitator for “Tamar” a bible-based sexual abuse support group at the Hand of the
Lord International Church in Dekalb county, GA. Laetitia is also a 2022-2023 NBCC Fellowship
awardee with a commitment to providing trauma informed care, and career development for
underserved youth, particularly immigrants and refugees.
Laetitia is looking forward to supporting young adults and couples with adjustment during
different life transitions. She is committed to walking alongside her clients as they explore issues
of grief, trauma, finding purpose and building supportive relationships. Additionally, she hopes
to assist clients with stress reduction and alternative techniques to support their mental health.
Upon graduation, Laetitia hopes to continue to develop her skills in trauma informed care and to
become a Global career development facilitator. A native French speaker, Laetitia’s dream is to
establish a counseling and career center in Francophone Africa. As an intern at Family
Counseling Associates of North Georgia, she reports to Ms. Della Hightower.

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