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Asia Pittman

Masters Level Intern

Currently in Master's Program for Counseling

Focus: Adult Counseling

About Me

With a specialization in working with couples, adults, and adolescents, Asia brings a compassionate and empathetic approach to every session. Her therapeutic philosophy is rooted in an empathetic, solution-focused framework, where you collaboratively explore your challenges and uncover practical strategies to address them. Creating a safe and nonjudgmental space is one of her main goals. She strives to cultivate an environment where you feel valued, heard, and respected. It's within this safe space you can explore difficult emotions and work towards positive change. Asia's goal is to support you on your journey towards healing and improving your overall quality of life. Whether you're seeking to enhance your relationships, manage stress, or overcome personal obstacles, she is here to provide guidance, encouragement, and practical tools every step of the way. You don't have to navigate life's challenges alone—Asia is here to help you thrive!

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