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Deborah Brehm, Ed.S, LPC, CTRT - Trainer

LPC: Licensed Professional Counselor

CTRT - Component Trauma Resolution Therapy

About Me

Deborah Brehm is a Licensed Professional Counselor and trainer of Etiotropic Trauma Management.  She has a Master's degree from Georgia State University in rehabilitation counseling, as well as a Specialist degree in psychological trauma from the professional counseling program.  Deborah’s career began in vocational rehabilitation at the Department of Labor in Clayton County.  She was later recruited by Clayton Behavioral Health Center in the adult mental health program.  While there she began to work with the psychiatric emergency program at Atlanta Medical Center where she provided local communities with a range of psychiatric and crisis management services. After the birth of her second daughter, she began a private practice in Stockbridge, Ga working with individuals, couples, and families.  Her passion for trauma led her to Etiotropic Trauma Management with its clinical component Trauma Resolution Therapy, ETM TRT©.  After being trained, she began to implement the treatment model to her clients who met criteria and quickly began to see that it resolved psychological trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as the authors claimed.  Deborah contacted the author of the model and requested to be trained as a trainer in ETM TRT©.  Her request was granted, and she immediately began an intense study program to become a trainer, with the honor of working directly with the author himself in a virtual environment.  In January 2008, Deborah was certified as a trainer of ETM TRT©. Deborah has been in private practice for over 22 years and recently moved to Cumming, GA working with individuals, children, teens, couples and families.
Her focus in therapy is on you. Sometimes this will mean concentrating on You as an individual. At other times it may include You within the context of a marriage or child-to-parent relationship. Other times the focus might require working with You as part of a family. This three-part program, where it is appropriate and applicable, will be her fundamental approach to therapy.
Deborah has since continued to expand her expertise and experience with psychological trauma and crisis management to include working with trauma as it is related conditions such as anxiety, depression, psychosis, obsessive compulsive disorders, and substance use disorders.  She has also gained expertise in working with perpetrators, family violence, and high conflict family cases.   Imagine if you dare what our world could be like without the cycle of violence and the ability of psycho-socio-pathic offenders to use trauma to control others.  Deborah's goal is to implement clinical incremental work done at the individual cure level that can and will make the more grandeur view become reality.

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